Commissioned mobiles are available in sizes from approximately 24" x 36" and can be created in chosen colours or a particular palette. Mobiles are also available with a light source.  



Commissioned mandalas are available from 18" x 18" up to 48" x 48". They can be painted on either wood or linen.


Mandala Prints

Mandala prints can be commissioned in different colours and sizes. Each Mandala print that is commissioned is an original print and not part of any edition. It will never be duplicated.

Examples of different colours are shown to give an idea of what is available, but each print will be individually worked on to the specifications of the client.

>> More information on commissioned Mandala Print


Portraits and Drawings

Commissioned portraits are available in sizes starting at 9" x 12" in oils painted on wood, and larger sizes are painted in oils on linen. Sittings are required for all sizes. 

Commissioned drawings are done in pencil on paper and are 23" x 29". Larger drawings are available but only for children under the age of four. 

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