Commissioned Mandala Prints

Mandala prints can be commissioned in different colours and sizes. Each Mandala print that is commissioned is an original print and not part of any edition. A downpayment of 50%  is required before any work is done on the print. These prints are 30% higher than the listed price list below.

Examples of different colours are shown to give an idea of what is available, but each print will be individually worked on to the specifications of the client.

The price of a commissioned Mandala print is based on the requested print size:

21" x 21" - 29" x 29"                  £650          Edition 1/20

31" x 31" - 35" x 35"                   £850          Edition 1/20

36"x 36" - 39" x 39"                  £1200         Edition 1/5


These are a few examples of commissioned Mandala prints (the original Mandala is the first of each series):


Earth Mandala

Faerie Mandala

Mandala of Angelic Resonance

Mandala of Deep Water

Mandala of the Creative Source

Mandala of the New Star

Soul Mandala